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Humidifiers in McKinney, TX by Oaks Heat & Air

Oaks Heat & Air - Humidifiers

During summers in McKinney, we’re glad to welcome dry weather conditions since it makes the heat much easier to tolerate. However, those same dry conditions can become a problem indoors if they occur throughout the year—especially during winter. Low humidity results in a string of problems, starting with discomfort in cooler temperatures.

It’s easy to fix dry air in a home, however: you only need to call Oaks Heat & Air and ask about our services for whole-house humidifiers. We offer installation, repairs, replacements, and maintenance for humidifiers in the area. We’ll make sure that your house is matched to the right size and type of unit so that it won’t accidentally make your home too humid. Make us your first choice for indoor air quality services and we’ll see that you never have reason to go to any other contractor.

To schedule service for whole-house humidifiers, call Oaks Heat & Air in McKinney, TX.

How a Whole–House Humidifier Benefits You

There are many portable humidifiers on the market, but these devices are only useful as a temporary solution to dry air in a single room, such as an infant’s room. A whole–house humidifier gives you full control over balancing the humidity, and it affects all the rooms at once because it’s integrated into the HVAC system. Below are some of benefits you’ll receive with a professionally installed whole–house humidifier:

  • Improved comfort in colder weather: Higher moisture levels in the air make the human body release heat at a slower rate, and the trapped heat makes the temperature feel warmer. This is why a humid summer day feels hotter than a dry one. But during winter, you want to feel warmer, and a humidifier will help with that.
  • Energy savings: With a humidifier making everyone in a house feel warmer, you won’t need to pay as much to run the heating system.
  • Healthier conditions: Low humidity causes sinus and mucus membranes to dry up. This removes one of the body’s major defenses against the spread of colds and flus. With the moisture balanced, your household should experience fewer wintertime blues due to being sick.
  • Prevent damage to furnishings and possessions: Dry air causes wood surfaces to crack and paint to peel. When a whole–house humidifier balances the moisture levels, it protects wooden furniture and valuable possessions such as musical instruments.

Are You Looking for Humidifier Repairs or Replacement?

Humidifiers are designed to last for many years, but they do need to have regular maintenance to keep them working. Without routine service, they can develop trouble with mold and also suffer from leaks. But even with routine maintenance, a humidifier will sometimes fail and require repairs. If you’ve noticed that you’re no longer receiving the humidity levels your home needs, call on our technicians and they’ll be glad to assist you with repairing it. In cases of old whole–house humidifiers, it may be better to have the system replaced with a new one, and we can do this as well.

For the Best in Humidifier Service, Call Us

You don’t have to simply tolerate air in your home that is uncomfortably dry. You deserve to have balanced indoor humidity throughout your living space, and so do all the people who live in your household. When you suspect that your home’s indoor humidity levels have dipped too low, contact the specialists at Oaks Heat & Air to arrange for the installation of a whole–house humidifier. We are a family–owned and operated business, and we focus on offering all of our customers honest work at reasonable prices. No matter what your comfort concerns are, you can trust to us to solve the problem.