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Duct Sealing in McKinney, TX by Oaks Heat & Air

Oaks Heat & Air - Duct Sealing

Maintaining an energy-efficient comfort system in your home requires more than regular inspections for the heater and air conditioner and making sure that they receive prompt repairs whenever necessary. It’s also vital that you keep the home’s ventilation system in airtight condition. If the ducts of the ventilation system develop air leaks, it will have a huge negative effect on your energy bills and the performance of the heater and AC.

Restoring the integrity of leaking ductwork takes the skill and equipment that only trained technicians have. Oaks Heat & Air offers duct sealing to homes in the McKinney area. Simply give us a call and we’ll see that your ductwork is made airtight once more.

To arrange for professional duct sealing for your home in McKinney, TX or the surrounding areas, call Oaks Heat & Air.

The Purpose of Air Duct Sealing

A few air leaks inside the ducts of a ventilation system may not sound like a major issue. But ductwork is designed to create an airtight seal along its length to prevent a loss of air pressure. If the seal is broken, the escaping air will cause the pressure to plunge, which will have a huge impact on the effectiveness of the HVAC system. The U.S. Department of Energy has found that air leaks in ducts can lead to a loss of up to 30% of the air within the ventilation system. That’s an immense amount of air that you pay to heat or cool that simply ends up going to waste.

A drop in air pressure also has two other negative consequences for an HVAC system: it forces the heater and air conditioner to work harder, and it allows in dust and other debris that can damage the system and lower indoor air quality.

How to Tell You Need Duct Sealing

You can’t see most of the ductwork in your home, so you instead must look for secondary signs that indicate there are air leaks in it. Below are some of the warnings :

  • A drop in air flow coming from the vents
  • Moldy and dusty smells in the air
  • An unexpected rise in energy bills connected to the heater or air conditioner
  • Strange rattling noises from the ducts when the HVAC system starts to work

Even if these warnings are not connected to breaks and leaks in the air ducts, they indicate that something is amiss that requires professionals look into it.

Sealing Ductwork Requires Professionals

If one of the first things you thought about when you heard the words duct sealing were the words duct tape, we have some bad news for you: duct tape actually is not useful when it comes to ducts. Duct tape may work at holding almost anything else together, but this cloth–backed adhesive degrades quickly when used on ductwork. In order to correctly seal ducts, professionals must first locate all of the air leaks and then use special equipment to close them off. Metallic tapes and mastic guns are the most common way for professionals to carry out duct sealing.

We Offer Ductwork Services

The professionals who can take care of sealing up your ducts to restore the integrity of your ventilation system are on staff at Oaks Heat & Air. But duct sealing is only one of the many important services that air ducts may need to keep them in top shape. Our team of ventilation experts can take care of many of these additional services such as duct repair and replacement of duct sections when sealing the air leaks isn’t sufficient to solve the problem. You can trust to us to do the best work possible on each job. Call us today in McKinney, TX to schedule service.