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Air Purifiers in McKinney, TX by Oaks Heat & Air

Oaks Heat & Air - Air Purifiers

It’s an unfortunate fact of modern living that homes often develop stale and contaminant-filled air. Mechanical air filters can often do the job necessary to remove the majority of airborne pollutants. But very small particles—such as odor and gas molecules, microbes, mold spores, and chemicals—will often slip through the mesh fibers of standard filters.

When your home’s air quality suffers from nuisances that standard filters won’t stop, it’s time to consider installing an air purification system that targets minute particles. To get started, call on the indoor air quality specialists at Oaks Heat & Air. We’re proud to offer quality air purifier services to homes in McKinney.

The team at Oaks Heat & Air provides installation, replacements, repairs, and maintenance for air purifiers in McKinney, TX and the surrounding areas.

What Is the Best Type of Air Purifiers for My Home?

There are many different kinds of air purifiers on the market. The most common are electronic air cleaners that ionize the air to create a negative or positive charge in the larger particles moving through ducts. The charged particles are then drawn down to a set of metal plates where they are trapped. Another option to consider is a UV air purifier. This type of air purifier is designed to eliminate biological contaminants from inside an HVAC system, such as mold spores, bacteria, and viruses. The ultraviolet radiation from the lamps of the purifier destroys organic pollutants without putting any harmful chemicals into the air.

However, finding the best air purifier for a house is something that requires the work of professionals. Don’t attempt to install any type of purification system on your own. Instead, give our technicians a call and they will assist you with locating the ideal solution to your indoor air quality issues.

Are You In Need of Repairs or Maintenance for Your Air Purifier?

Our goal whenever installing or replacing an air purifier in a home is to see that you receive the best service so you don’t have to call us again. However, there is sometimes no way to avoid malfunctions, and eventually any model of air purifier will become outdated and need to be upgraded. If your air purifier is starting to fail and your air quality is in decline, you only need to contact us to arrange for repairs or to have the device replaced. Make sure that you also call us for routine maintenance that will keep the air purifier working at its best. Ask our technicians how often to schedule regular service.

Call Us for Installation and Other Services for Whole–House Air Purifiers

Should you suspect that the air quality in your house is poorer than it should be, you only need to contact Oaks Heat & Air and talk to our IAQ specialists. We’ll look into the issues that are present in your home and find out if an air filter or one of the types of air purifier will resolve the problem. You can then relax and let us take it from there: our expert team will see that you have the right kind of air filtration and purification system installed. And you can count on us to your assistance whenever you need help in the future in McKinney.