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Indoor Air Quality Systems and Service in McKinney, TX

Oaks Heat & Air - Indoor Air Quality

You cannot see the microscopic particles moving around in the air of your home, but some of these can be harmful for you to inhale. Bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and common allergens like dust mites and pet dander continuously move through your HVAC system, even though you should have a filter in place. The filter can only rid your home of particles down to certain size, so you might need a backup indoor air quality system to help you breathe easy.

The Oaks Heat & Air team handles more than just the temperature in your home. We also offer indoor air quality systems and services. We’ve got whole-house air purifiers and air filtration systems. And we also carry systems and offer services that make the air feel better, like dehumidifiers and energy recovery ventilators. Call us to learn more about your options in McKinney, TX.

Call the people who care, Oaks Heat & Air. We offer indoor air quality services in McKinney, TX and throughout the north Dallas Metroplex area.

Call the HVAC Experts on Our Team

Installing an indoor air quality product on your own would be rather difficult. Accessing the ductwork is hard enough. And if the air purifier, humidifier, or ventilator system is not the right size, it could block airflow to your system and make it harder for the unit to run smoothly and efficiently. This means higher costs for you, and possibly little or no impact on your air quality. Allow our HVAC experts to install your indoor air quality system if you expect it to run smoothly and eliminate harmful particles without negatively affecting your heating and air conditioning system efficiency.

Our Indoor Air Quality Systems and Services

We carry some of the most effective systems for eliminating common air contaminants. We also have equipment and services that can make you feel more comfortable and help your air conditioner and heater operate efficiently. This includes dehumidifiers to make you feel cooler and duct sealing services to keep air from leaking out of your ductwork and costing you on your monthly utilities. We are familiar with the ins and outs of HVAC systems throughout the McKinney area, so you can trust us to provide you with a service that will keep you feeling healthy and comfortable for a long time to come without causing your heating and air conditioning costs to soar.

Air Filtration Systems

Let us help you to select the right air filtration system for your home’s needs so that your family members find relief from allergy and asthma symptoms. We want all of our customers to breathe a little easier, and we can help you to assess your family’s needs and find the perfect system.

Air Purifiers

There are also electronic air purifiers which use an ionization process to pull particles out of the air. These are some of the most effective systems on the market at removing tiny particles that your air filter misses. Call our indoor air quality experts to learn more about your options.


A dehumidifier can help you to stay a lot more comfortable in the summer. Part of the reason you feel uncomfortable in the summer is the high levels of humidity in the air. Many people waste energy turning down the temperature on the thermostat when a separate dehumidifier system might be more effective and less wasteful.

Duct Repair and Replacement

The ducts in your home are likely to have holes and cracks that allow air to leak out into the unoccupied areas of the house, like the crawlspaces. Schedule duct repairs or replacement with our team if you notice that some rooms are warmer or cooler than others, or when your energy bills begin to get out of control.

Duct Sealing

Sealing the ducts is not as easy as it may sound. "Duct tape" really is not suitable for your ducts, but professionals have industry–approved materials that can significantly improve the state of the ductwork and keep you from wasting energy on air leaks. Schedule duct sealing with our experts if you suspect a problem in your HVAC system.


A humidifier can be a big help in the winter, when dry air sometimes makes it difficult to recover from a cold or from the flu. A certain level of humidity is necessary for your comfort as well, keeping your skin and sinuses from drying out and making the air feel a little warmer. Get a whole–house humidifier rather than a portable unit so that everyone in the home can feel a difference.

Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators

A lack of fresh air can make a room feel stuffy, but opening up a window is not really an option when you are running your heating and air conditioning systems. One solution is a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) or an energy recovery ventilator (ERV), two systems that can let in fresh air without having a major impact on your energy bills. Call Oaks Heat & Air to find out more!