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Commercial HVAC Services in McKinney, TX by Oaks Heat & Air

Oaks Heat & Air - Commercial HVAC

The requirements of keeping a business space cool in the summer and warm in the winter are more complicated than those of a house. Even small businesses have special requirements for heating and cooling that exceed those of even the largest home. If you own or operate a commercial establishment, it’s up to you to make certain that you arrange for proper HVAC services that will maintain indoor comfort levels no matter the temperature outdoors.

Oaks Heat & Air has the commercial specialists on staff to provide your business with the comfort that it needs to succeed from day to day, all through the year. We work with many types of companies, and specialize in meeting the needs of office buildings, day cares, and restaurants in the McKinney area. We understand your needs as a business owner, and we’ll make every effort to see that you receive the top-quality service you demand.

The technicians at Oaks Heat & Air provide light commercial HVAC service (25 tons and under) in McKinney, TX and the surrounding areas.

Are You Looking for Commercial Heating and Cooling Installation?

There are many important differences between residential and commercial HVAC systems. For example, in commercial heating and cooling, rooftop units are the most common type of installation, where homes primarily use split systems. There’s also the question of the scale of commercial equipment and the amount of work it must do in order to keep a work space adequately conditioned for many people at once.

Because of these differences, you must only allow commercial HVAC specialists to see to your company’s comfort requirements when it comes to new installation. Don’t turn to amateur "handymen" who lack the proper credentials. A great deal is riding on maintaining an environment that encourages productivity among employees and creates an inviting space for customers, clients, tenants, etc.

We Repair and Maintain Light Commercial HVAC Systems

If you encounter a problem with your commercial heating and cooling system, you shouldn’t delay when it comes to calling for repairs. And you shouldn’t call an amateur or an inexperienced residential technician for the work. You simply can’t take the chance placing the comfort of your employees and clientele in jeopardy, since it will jeopardize your whole operation. Our experienced technicians are here and ready to help you with fixes to your AC and heater. We also offer regular maintenance to fend off future issues.

If you have a small business that uses HVAC equipment 25 tons and under, make Oaks Heat & Air your first choice for indoor comfort. We install air conditioning and heating equipment, including rooftop units, and are glad to assist when it comes to replacements, repairs, and routine inspections and tune–ups.

Commercial Air Conditioning

Your number one comfort concern in Texas during the year is beating back the often intense summer heat. You simply can’t run a business in this area unless you have an AC that is properly sized and matched to your needs and which receives regular maintenance. You can depend on us to take care of your light commercial air conditioning system, no matter what service it requires.

Commercial Heating

Our winters aren’t as rough as our summers, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore the heating requirements of your company! When the cold weather arrives, make sure that your employees and clientele are protected from the chill with our light commercial heating services. Call today and talk to our technicians to schedule service.