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No, Ice on Your Air Conditioner is Not Normal

Your air conditioning system is tasked with one very important job: to keep your home cool in the summer. So if you see ice developing on the system at all, you may think this is a normal part of the air conditioning process. If a system provides cool air, it’s only natural that it freezes over every now and then, right? Unfortunately, that is a mistake to believe.

The development of ice on your air conditioning system is actually a very negative sign. If you do notice this, then your first call should be to an HVAC professional so you can prevent further damage from occurring. Keep reading to learn why ice is such a big problem.

Your Air Filter Might be Dirty

Your evaporator coil works by absorbing indoor heat into your refrigerant. If the airflow that is traveling over the evaporator coil during this process is interrupted by a dirty air filter, then the coil will get much colder than it otherwise would have.

As your air conditioning system draws heat out of your indoor air, it creates condensation. A dirty air filter interrupts this process and can cause the condensation to freeze on the evaporator coil. This becomes a viscous cycle: the ice wraps around the coil and further obstructs the absorption of heat. Fortunately, however, changing or cleaning the air filter can resolve this problem.

Or You Could Have a Refrigerant Leak

While a dirty air filter is something that can be easily remedied, a refrigerant leak is more serious of a problem. Oftentimes, this is what actually causes an evaporator coil to ice over.

When refrigerant leaks from your air conditioning system, the heat absorption process in the evaporator coil is interrupted. The coil gets too cold, and the condensation on the coil will freeze. Also, if you notice ice on the refrigerant lines, this is a good sign that your problem is in fact a leak.

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