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Be Aware of These Signs You Need a New Heat Pump

We’ve officially entered what is historically the hottest part of the year around these parts. Hopefully, if you are utilizing a heat pump to cool your home then it hasn’t given you any problems. However, if you have noticed troubling symptoms and wonder if your heat pump can handle the rest of this year—let alone the rest of this season—then a replacement heat pump may be necessary.

Don’t wait for your heat pump to die on you when you need in the most—instead be aware of these indicators that signal you might need a new heat pump before this year is over.

Declining Efficiency

As your heat pump system gets older and older, its wear and tear increases. This natural process makes the system less efficient than the newer models on the market today. The more worn down your cooling system gets, the longer it has to run to do its job. So despite experiencing less comfort due to an inefficient system, you’ll likely find that you are paying more since your AC system is working so hard to cool your home.

Increased Repairs

You shouldn’t have to have repairs done on your heat pump more than once, maybe twice, a year. But if your system is getting older and becoming less efficient, then parts will start to wear down faster, creating a domino effect within the system. It’s important to stay on top of repairs, but if you find you’re having them done too often, it’s probably more cost-effective to have the whole system replaced.


The above mentioned signs are both related to age. A professionally installed and well-maintained heat pump system will typically last 15-20 years, but beyond that time it’s going to start having problems. If you do have an older system, then you should definitely consider having the heat pump replaced.

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