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Thermostats in McKinney, TX by Oaks Heat & Air

Oaks Heat & Air - Thermostats

Though your heating system and air conditioner have many, many components working together the keep you comfortable, the thermostat is the only component you really interact with on a regular basis (aside from changing the air filter every 1–3 months). This part of your system serves two major roles: giving you a way to control the temperature and sending a signal to the air conditioner or heater when it’s time to cycle on or off.

Because it’s such a vital part of your home comfort, you should only allow a professional to handle any thermostat installation or replacement. The thermostat should be installed in a location that is not only convenient for you and your family members, but also that is not affected by other common sources of heat, like a kitchen or a window. Call the heating and cooling professionals at Oaks Heat & Air to help you with all of your home comfort needs in McKinney, including the thermostat.

Call the people who care, Oaks Heat & Air. We install and replace thermostats in McKinney, TX and throughout the north Dallas Metroplex area.

The Issues with Your Older Manual Thermostat

An older manual thermostat operated with a sliding tab or with a dial can present a lot of difficulties:

  • The settings are difficult to read: Have you turned the dial to 77° or 78°? It can be tough to tell with little marks underneath the numbers that don’t always line up with your dial or slider. And just a degree or two of difference can have a major impact on your bills.
  • You have no control over the temperature while you are away: Programmable thermostats allow you to schedule on and off times in your absence, in order to save energy or prepare for your arrival home.
  • Tampering with the thermostat too much raises your bills: Because it is difficult to set the temperature just right, you may end up making frequent readjustments to the thermostat, which can strain the AC or heating system and raise your energy bills.

If you still have to meddle with your manual thermostat every day, it’s time to think about an upgrade. Contact a local technician to ensure the new thermostat works with your heating and AC equipment correctly.

Options for Thermostat Replacement

Looking for the perfect thermostat to replace your older model? Here are the common options we install:

  • Digital Thermostat: A modern digital thermostat has an easy–to–read display and programmable settings so that you can automatically readjust the thermostat to your regular weekday and weekend schedule.
  • Wireless Thermostat: A wireless thermostat can go anywhere on your wall, for your convenience and comfort, and so that a technician can place it in the most efficient possible location upon installation.
  • Smart Thermostat: A smart thermostat connects to your Wi–Fi, giving you the ability to control the temperature and make efficient choices from an app on your smartphone even when you are far away from home.

Call the friendly team at Oaks Heat & Air today to get your new thermostat in McKinney, TX.