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Air Conditioning

You don’t want to have to imagine a summer without air conditioning. Remember Oaks Heat & Air and you’ll never have to deal with a broken air conditioner for very long. We can fix the problem quickly while still ensuring the quality of our work. Whether you just need a quick electrical fix or a brand new outside condenser unit, we will provide excellent customer service no matter the size of the work. We can also help you to select a new unit for your home. We install or replace standard central air conditioners, heat pumps, and dual fuel systems.

Indoor Air Quality

The indoor air quality in some homes and commercial properties is up to five times worse than the outdoor air. It’s up to you to take control of your indoor air quality and help your family members stay healthy and comfortable. But what can you do when dust, viruses, bacteria, pollen, and mold spores continuously cycle through your HVAC system? Call our team! We have a number of solutions to your indoor air quality troubles. Air filter just not cutting it? Try a whole-home air filtration system. Air leaking from your ducts? We can seal them for you. Not getting enough fresh air? We’ve got energy and heat recovery ventilators that won’t dramatically increase your bills. Call us to learn more about our products and services.


We are a team of certified professionals trained to service and install furnaces, heat pumps, and dual fuel heating systems. Not sure which heating system is right for your home? Allow our experts to advise you so that you get the system that is the best fit for your budget, efficiency needs, and the layout of your home. Your heater can become unsafe if it’s in the wrong hands, but our experts carefully inspect the system with any installation or service. We also offer expert maintenance services to keep your heater in excellent condition. Get in touch with our friendly team!

Commercial HVAC

Your commercial property has an extensive, complex duct system and large commercial-grade heating and cooling equipment. If your system is 25 tons or under, the people at Oaks Heat & Air can service it for you. We offer complete heating and cooling services for light commercial HVAC systems in McKinney, TX. We can make sure that all of the people on your property feel comfortable with brand new equipment or the addition of a dehumidifier or an air filtration system along with your high-efficiency equipment. Call us today to learn about our quality light commercial heating and air conditioning services.